Billy Pugh

Billy Pugh

X-904 Personnel Transfer Device

Personnel Transfer Device

✓ Overhead & outer passenger protection

✓ Passenger positioning system

✓ Standing during transfer prevents passengers from losing their“sea legs”

✓ Standing during transfer allows for more efficient egress to a safe area

✓ Passengers face“inward”– a familiar & comfortable position during transfers

✓ Improved step in positions with netted baggage area

✓ Bottom cushions for softer landings

✓ Safe transportation of injured personnel

✓ Eliminates slack netting

✓ Collapsible for easy transport & storage

✓ Models for 4,6,8,10 & 12 passengers

✓ Can be refurbished and recertified

✓ ABS type approved

What is the In Service Date?

  • The In Service Date is the date when the X-904 is removed from its packaging.
  • This determines when the 6 month inspection and 2 year refurbishment should take place.
  • The In Service Date will need to be noted in the operations manual & physical product included with the purchase of the X-904.

X-904 Refurbishment Program

X-904 Refurbishment Program

Refurbishment Program Cycle:

X-871 Personnel Transfer Net

Personnel Transfer Net

Product Features

✓ Servicing offshore industry for over 50 years.
✓ Collapsible for easy storage
✓ Affordable
✓ More offshore safe transfers than any personnel transfer device in history
✓ Inducted into the Offshore Oil Hall of Fame
✓ Netting Lines 3/4”, 9950 lbs Tested Each
✓ Padding / Buoyancy is shock absorbing, synthetic floating material
✓ Models for 4,6,8,10 & 12 passengers

Can the X-871 be refurbished?

A. The X-871 series is not designed to be refurbished. The reason being that by the time the personnel net is taken apart and re-assembled with certified new parts, it is more expensive than buying a new net.

How often should the X-871 be replaced?

A. As a general rule, we recommend that all Billy Pugh Co. X-871 series personnel nets be replaced annually when used on a daily basis (such as a jack-up drilling rig). On production platforms and other applications where the personnel net is used less frequently, we recommend that it be changed out every other year. This is a recommended guideline only and will vary depending on condition, how well the net is cared for and stored.

How to Know if your unit is ABS Type Approved


Check on the Certificate

Physical Product Itself

Escape & Swing Ropes

Billy Pugh Company provides many types of high performance knotted escape ropes and swing ropes that may be used in nearly any rigging or lifting application.

Polypropylene Knotted Escape Rope

1 1/2″ with knots 5′ apart
1 1/4″ with knots 2′ apart
1 1/4″ with knots 3′ apart
1 1/4″ with knots 5′ apart

Manila Knotted Escape Rope

1 1/4″ with knots 3′ apart
1/4″ with knots 5′ apart
1″ with knots 2′ apart

Swing Rope

Our swing ropes are truly a custom item and are the best available system for offshore swing ropes.
These ropes are not only durable and long lasting (they are dipped for UV protection) but they are horizontally wrapped so that when someone swings, they have much more of a “pistol grip” to hold on with.
They are economical because they last so long because of being treated, they don’t need to be replaced as often as a regular plain knotted rope.
BPC swing ropes are the best and the industry standard in safety.

Embarkation Rope Ladders

Billy Pugh Co. offers a variety of Ladders from wire, to rope, to chain ladders.

Man Baskets (OMB /EMB)

Man Baskets (OMB /EMB)

Billy Pugh Company’s OSHA Man Baskets (OMB) are designed with your personnel’s safety and job satisfaction in mind. Whether you are having to work in the air by crane or forklift the OMB baskets will keep you safe. The OMB baskets are built to OSHA standards with heavy duty steel and the exceptional quality you’ve come to expect when you purchase of the OMB Basket from the Billy Pugh Company.

✓ Crane baskets offer overhead protection

✓ Shock absorbing feet on OMB-1

✓ Room for workers and tools

✓ Safety guard rail

✓ Access gate with automatic latch opens inwardly per European Standards NEN-EN 14502-1 on each

✓ Diamond tread plate floor

✓ Crane Basket Sizes: 1, 2, & 4

✓ Forklift Basket Size: 2

✓ SWL 1000 lbs. for all OMB Models

✓ 125% test weight on certain models

✓ Used in a variety of applications both on and offshore

RGB-2 Man Basket

Man Baskets

Billy Pugh first of its kind, the RGB-2. Some key elements are fall protection, outer protection, workers are able to work for longer periods safely without the bulk of a square steel basket, weather resistant, and is extremely versatile.
Excellent for use in place of a sling or boatswain.

Product Features

✓ The round shape and single connection vertical bar allows for a more versatile work platform and freedom of movement inside.

✓ The personnel inside have the ability to use fall protection. The main lifting bar that attaches to the crane hook has a secondary safety load line overhead in the unlikely event that the bar fails.

✓ Single lifting pole

✓ Steel construction coated with weather resistant powder coating

✓ Weather resistant carbon steel

✓ Powder coated with black and yellow doors

✓ Long Lasting

✓ Maintenance free

✓ 2 Year Warranty

✓ Rigging can be replaced in the field

DB1 Derrick Basket

Derrick Baskets

The Billy Pugh DB-1 Derrick Basket is made for lifting personnel with a lightweight basket and retractable lifeline attached to fall protection harness.
The DB-1 Derrick Basket is developed with enough room for the rider, tools and parts needed for the job to be completed faster & safer.

Cantilever Work Basket

BPC Cantilever Work Basket

The BPC Cantilever Work Basket (CLB-1000/17) is designed with a fixed counterweight system to reduce risk of human error when dealing with traditional variable water counterweights. At 17 feet in length with 11 feet cantilever reach the CLB-1000/17 can reach many locations a traditional work basket cannot. It maintains a capacity for 1,000 lbs. Working Load Limit with three (3) persons working on the outermost cantilevered section of the basket.

Product Highlights

  • Designed to ASME B30.23-2022 “Personnel Lifting Systems”
  • Working Load Limit (WLL) of 1,000 lbs.
  • Fixed counterweight system with inclination testing prior to delivery
  • 11 feet of cantilever reach
  • Designed for three persons to work in the outermost cantilevered section
  • Designed utilizing a Computerized Structural FEA
  • Inward opening spring latching door
  • 2” steel square tubing design for maximum strength
  • Dimensions:
    Length, structural: 17’ 3-1/2” (5.271m)
    Length, outfitting: 17’ 7-3/4” (5.378m)
    Width, structural: 4’ 2” (1.270m)
    Width, outfitting: 4’ 6-1/4” (1.378m)
    Height: 8’ 2” (2.489m)
    Weight 4,040 lb (1,832 kg)

X-8CB Collapsible Cargo Basket

BPC Cantilever Work Basket

With Cable Pick-Up Sling


  • Floor is treated steel pipe (Sch 40) frame
  • Diameter 6 feet (72”)
  • Collapsed height 1 foot
  • Working Load Limit 3500 lbs
  • 5/8” galvanized lifting cables
  • Overall height 10 feet
  • Side extension 3 feet
  • Weight 350 lbs

Optional Recommendation:

RPTL Push/Pull Tagline
For Hands Free Load Positioning

Standard Offer Sizes For
Push/Pull Tagline: 15, 20 Feet

Rigid Cargo Basket

Rigid Cargo Basket

Billy Pugh Co. rigid cargo baskets are high quality, galvanized and made for the tough jobs. Rated at 2500 lbs.
(Wire Pick Up Sling Sold Separately)

Muli-Purpose Offshore Bulk Lifter

Muli-Purpose Offshore Bulk Lifter

The BPC Bulk Offshore Lifter is a multi-purpose lifting device designed specifically for safe handling of:

  1. Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC)
  2. Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC)
  3. Palleted Loads

The unique design incorporates the concept of “full load containment” for both IBCs and FIBCs. The IBC design protects against potential lateral loading when transporting fluids in totes by having the lift frame swallow the load encapsulating the IBC tote. In FIBC Mode, the lifting frame is designed to allow usage of a simple cargo net that enables dropped object protection in the event FIBC bag handles were to break.

Product Highlights
■ Designed to ASME B30.20-2021 Design of Below the Hook Lifting Device
■ Working Load Limit (WLL) of 2,500kg
■ Designed to lift both 275-gallon and 330-gallon IBCs
■ Designed to lift 1,040-liter and 1,250-liter IBCs
■ Safely lifts all standard dimesons of common FIBC bags
■ Safely accommodates palleted materials in both 40”x48” and 48”x48” pallets
■ Lift frame supports eight 3T excavator weld-on hooks for vertical lift slings
■ Each pallet lift bar is designed for a 1,250kg WLL
■ Each assembly proof load tested to 125% of WLL at the factory

Key Design Features

  • The upper lift frame is lowered down over the IBC tote to contain the load and mitigate risk of lateral loads resulting from sloshing fluids.
  • Vertical slings sets are suspended from weld-on excavator hooks designed for easy on easy off to switch between lifting modes.
  • Vertical sling sets with locking hooks are easy to inspect in the field and easily replaced if damaged.
  • Multiple lengths are available to easily switch between IBC lifting and Pallet lifting.
  • Weld-on excavator hooks are facing inward to protect the hook from damage during lifting activities in the offshore environment.
  • Integrated “green” handles for safe hand placement if a load needs to be manipulated.
  • Multiple size Cargo Nets are available to best match the various FIBC sizes on the market.
  • Rigging available in both Crosby and Van Beest options based on customer preference.

SPH Safety Pipe Hook

Safety Pipe Hook

Billy Pugh Safety Pipe Hooks feature a spring-loaded jaw to hold hook securely in place after crewman has attached hook to pipe/casing.
This eliminates the need to hold hook to pipe while slack is removed.
Billy Pugh Safety Pipe Hooks work equally well for pre-slung loads of casing.
After casing is separated & unloaded on deck these hooks provide an excellent method of moving single joints around rig.

Snag Resistant Tagline

Snag Resistant Tagline

New API RP 2D (7th ed)
New API rules call for semi-rigid, snag resistant tag lines,
BPC snag resistant tag lines meet or exceed all API tag line recommendations.

This product is recommended for all slung loads as plain rope tag lines have a much stronger possibility of fouling, wrapping on a railing or catching on a pinch point.
The Tangle Resistant tag lines are designed to resist fowling, wrapping or catching on obstruction on the deck.
They also have a better gripping surface than a regular
rope and will last much longer.

These ropes are horizontally wrapped and then dipped in
polyurethane to protect from wear and UV degradation.

Standard Offer Tagline: 15, 20, 25 & 30 Feet

Billy Pugh Push/Pull Tag Line is designed specifically to meet the challenges associated with positioning loads while observing a “Hands-Free” policy. 
Billy Pugh Push/Pull Tagline incorporated a 4 ft. rigid section into our already durable tagline that is sturdy enough to push the load to a preferred location but flexible enough to bend. 

Standard Offer Sizes For Push/Pull Tagline: 15, 20 Feet

A-301S Solas Ring Buoy

SOLAS Ring Buoy

USCG approved throwable device for all vessels.
Meets SOLAS. Approval # 160.050/120/1 Polyurethane foam buoyant material provides a minimum buoyant force of 32 lbs. 

Addition of reflective tape on ring buoy per SOLAS standard.

  • Molded of high impact polyethylene.
  • The color will not dent or peel.
  • Rigged with black polypropylene terminated with a hand splice.

CFTL Containerized Fast Throw Line

Containerized Fast Throw Lines

Billy Pugh Company’s Containerized Fast Throw Lines are a must for any application that requires a dependable length of rope.

Whether it’s for a ring buoy line, a painter rope or any other application where you need a rope that will not be deteriorated or tangle upon deployment.

CFTL’s offer great dependability and value.

The PVC containers keep the rope out of the elements and upon deployment- are tangle resistant.

The CFTL’s and LFP’s are designed to be an one time use item.

Once deployed, the rope cannot be returned to the tube for reuse.

WVO Work Vest

Work Vest


  • Coated with vinyl which is tough, fire retardant, self-extinguishing, highly abrasive resistant and easily cleaned.
  • Material is resistant to oil, gasoline and basic chemicals.
  • Adjustable 1 ” black nylon webbing straps securely sewn with nylon thread, helping to prevent rot and mildew
  • Work vest incorporates a “Slot” in the back so that the D-Ring of a body harness can pass through it.
  • Heavy-duty aluminum slides & acetal closures resist corrosion.
  • Marking and labeling is screen printed in water-resistant, vinyl ink.
  • Weight 2 lbs.
  • Sizing to fit chest size 35” to 50”
  • Buoyance of 18 lbs.

Work Vest


  • Heavy-duty manganese bronze and acetal hardware, corrosion resistant. Certified and tested for USCG and FAA specifications
  • All straps molded into the flotation so that much like a harness, body strain will be on straps and not flotation material.
  • Adjustable 1 ” black nylon web straps securely sewn with nylon thread, which is rot and mildew proof.
  • Coated with vinyl which is tough, fire retardant, self-extinguishing, highly abrasive resistant and easily cleaned.
  • Material is resistant to oil, gasoline and basic chemicals.
  • Adjustable 1 ” black nylon webbing straps securely sewn with nylon thread, helping to prevent rot and mildew
  • Marking and labeling is screen printed in water-resistant, vinyl ink.
  • Weight 2 lbs.
  • Sizing to fit chest size 35” to 50”
  • Buoyance of 18 lbs.

Automatic Crew-Overboard Light

Automatic Crew-Overboard Light

The SM-3 is a high intensity LED strobe which provides 360° visibility for approximately 2 miles.

This compact yet durable marker light facilitates rescue by automatically activating and beginning to strobe when in
the water, working for over 40 hours at 30°C (86°F) or over 24 hours at -1°C (30°F).

Perfect for commercial marine, petro-marine,
cruisers, and any other application needing a reliable Crew
Overboard Marker (COB) light, the SM-3 floats upright in all
conditions, ensuring it will keep shining when you need
it the most.

X-544 Boat Rescue Net

Boat Rescue Net

Retrieving a person overboard is not something we ever wish to do. The right equipment will make all the difference in a life and death situation.

Retrieving a person from the water can be a difficult process due to the distance from the rail to the water however, the X-544 simplifies this procedure.

Lifting a person or multiple people by using the ship’s on board davit with the X-544 takes much of the difficulty away, such as having to pull them or have them climb onto the vessel.

Additionally, when a man overboard emergency has occurred, the X-544 will allow the victim to swim inside or be assisted inside the netted area and be davit lifted back on board to safety.

The BPC X-544 is a boat davit or crane launched rescue system. Safe and effective for retrieving man overboard operations with the option of not putting a rescue swimmer in harm’s way.
Rated for 2 persons

Fiberglass Equipment Boxes

Fiberglass Equipment Boxes

Billy Pugh Company’s fiberglass products offer excellent protection for your safety equipment.

Extreme Temperatures and Weather?
They are made with high quality, corrosion-resistant material that will hold up in all kinds of weather, chemicals, dust, insects, salt water, UV-rays, and extreme temperatures year round.

High Quality Features.
They are manufactured with full length stainless steel hinges, quick-opening rubber or stainless T-latches, and special features include windows, stenciling, or custom orders upon request.



BPC windsocks are the “best in the business”. They are manufactured with our highest quality in mind.