Wire Ropes, Spooling Services, Test & Recertification Services


Wire Ropes

Wire ropes are essential to many applications, general or specialised, which include marine towing lines, mooring, lifting, cranes, elevators, drilling rigs, suspension bridges and cable stayed structures. Oceanic is amongst the largest distributing centres in Asia for steel wire ropes, offering only the finest quality from world-renowned manufacturers with complementary fittings.

Product Range

Size range:Dia. 6mm –103mm
Construction:• General purpose (6X36)IWRC
• Non-rotating (19X7)WSC / (35X7)WSC / (4X39)FC • Boom hoist (8X26)IWRC
• Drill Line (6X19) IWRC / (6X26)IWRC
• Lashing (6X24)FC
Certifications:ABS Class/Class NK/Lloyds Class + MEG4
Country of Origin:Korea / India / France

Spooling Services

We are able to provide spooling services for up to load of 80 ton reel with back tension.

Our experienced spooling teams are always ready for deployment. We are committed to work round the clock to meet your tight schedule.

Testing & Recertification Services

Our qualified inspectors are proficient in conducting tests, inspections, and recertifications for wire ropes and various related products. Each service can be done either in-house or on-site. Full test reports are provided upon completion.

Load Testing
Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)
Visual Inspection


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