Seatrax Kingpost Cranes are high duty/high utilisation cranes for extreme deep water conditions, operating on all types of deep water offshore facilities. This design consists of a stationary or fixed kingpost and a revolving superstructure, which fits over and revolves around the stationary post.

Key Features

Patented non-metallic Nylatron Upper & Lower Bearings

Lifespan of several thousand hours with minimum maintenance. Replacements are quick & simple using common hand tools.

Gearboxes & Hoists

Reliable & low maintenance, and greatly reduces the potential for oil leaks and failure

Wide Drums

Less rope layers and provides more constant line pull

Fail Safe Hoist Brakes with Dual Load Paths

Easily inspected, adjusted, serviced, and ensures no mode of failure can render both braking systems inoperative at the same time

Mechanical Anti 2-Block System

Uses hydraulic systems to power hoists and controls maximum line pull, eliminating the possibility of “booming down into the block”

Swinging Bumper Frame & Overhaul Ball

Prevents free swinging of load bloacks when not in operation

CCM14000 Crane Control Module

Simplifies the monitoring of primary and auxiliary crane systems, including hydraulics, hoists and prime movers. It incorporates a network of boom angle sensors and load cells that communicate with the display terminal.


‣ API 2C 7th Edition
‣ API Specification Q1 
‣ ISO 9001:2008


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