Wire Rope and Wire Rope Accessories

Wire Rope and Wire Rope Accessories

Oceanic Offshore Engineering (our subsidiary) stocks an extensive range of highly durable and dependable products, which include wire ropes and anchors, for rigging purposes in the Marine & Offshore industry.

For more information, please visit www.oceanicoffshore.com.sg.

Product Specifications

    Alloy Chain
    Anchor Wire
    Bolt Type Shackles
    Cold Tuff Shackles
    Connecting Links
    Crane Blocks
    Crane Wire
    Eye Bolt
    Hoist Rings
    Hoisting Wire
    Hooks and Swivels
    Load Binders

    Master Link and Assembly
    Mooring Socket
    Open/Closed Socket
    Screw Pin Shackles
    Snatch Blocks
    Subsea Shackles
    Wedge Socket
    Wire and Rope Clip