Morse Starrett

Morse Starrett

Morse Starrett Impact Cutter

The original portable tools invented in 1928by Morse-Starrett to cut wire rope.

Actuated by striking with a hammer, they are easy to operate and will give a superior performance without jamming.

They are precision engineered to deliver a cut without affecting the original roundness of the wire rope.

The blades and dies are made of the finest tool steel available, heat-treated, and ground to close tolerances

Part No.Part No.Part No.Parts Description
101121131Complete cutter
102122132Casting base
104124134Die (set)
105125135Blade (with pin)
106126136Blade pin only
107127137Plunger guide pin
109129139Warning decals

Morse Starrett Manual Cutter

All three models can operate under water (with slight modification).

All Morse-Starrett and Pell Hydrashear wire rope cutters are designed for new and unused wire rope.

Pell Hydrashear’s manual cutters are self-contained hydraulic cable cutters that are precision engineered tools designed to give a clean cut with minimum effort.

Just pump the handle, no outside power is required.

Able to be easily carried, these models are favorites of contractors, rigging lofts and elevator repairmen, and are recommended by wire rope manufacturers worldwide.

Part No.Part No.Part No.Parts Description
W1P1C1Die set
W5P5C5Blade Pin
W6P6C6Hinge pin w/#39
W8P8C8Ram collar
W10P10C10Ram retracting spring
W11P11C11Cover plate
W15P15C15Ram cup leather retainer
W15P15C15Ram cup leather retainer
W36P36C36Pump handle
W38P38C38Latch pin w/#39
W43P43C43Shear blade holder
W62P62C62Overhaul kit (see below)


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