JET-LUBE Kopr-Kote® Drill Collar & Tool Joint Compound

A premium quality, unleaded compound containing copper flake, graphite, and other natural extreme pressure and anti-wear additives. KOPR-KOTE’s solids package is formulated to prevent excessive circumferential makeup by increasing the coefficient of friction under compressive forces. As stress levels rise above 50% of yield, the friction factor increases, limiting downhole makeup. Full hydraulic joint efficiency is maintained allowing joint shoulder faces to mate completely without standoff or deformation.
Oilfield threads on:
• Drill collars• Tool joints• Drill Strings
• Aluminum-complex grease base protects against rust and corrosion
• Unequaled resistance to makeup downhole
• Not classified as a marine pollutant
• Contains no lead or zinc
• Extreme-pressure additives provide additional protection against seizing and galling and allow consistent make-up
Base MaterialsComplex Soap / Petroleum
Friction / Nut-Factor1.15 standard service (Relative to API RP 7G)
1.25 very severe service
CertificationsEnvironmental Rating: UK CEFAS OCNS Group B
DOT approval CA2004080025
Conforms to API RP7G torque charts
Approved by NAM/Shell for under-balanced drilling applications
Service Rating0°F to 450°F
-18°C to 232°C

JET-LUBE 21® Oilfield Drill Collar & Tool Joint Compound

Environmentally-friendly, double duty drill collar and tool joint compound, formulated to provide a superior level of performance for the increasing demands of today’s oilfield market. 21®’s lead-free formulation contains copper flake as the only metallic component and is fortified by a unique blend of natural, inorganic, extreme-pressure, and anti-wear additives. 21 utilizes our EXTREME base grease which is resistant to invert or high-pH muds and provides better pipe storage properties.
JET-LUBE 21 is recommended for the entire drill string in most drilling conditions.
Typical applications would include geothermal wells, high angle holes, and problem holes involving high temperature, whip stocks, and horizontal drilling applications.
JET-LUBE 21 prevents high stress in drill pipe connections which shortens their useful life.
• Not classified as a marine pollutant – DOT Approval CA2006100003
• Contains no lead or zinc.
• Very good running & storage capability.
• Formulated with a proprietary blend of copper, graphite, and other additives for protection and prevention of excessive circumferential makeup in hostile drilling environments.
• Inhibitors protect against rust and corrosion.
• Sticks to wet joints.
• Special complex base for brushability and stability over a wide temperature range.
• Consistent rig floor makeup.
• Excellent resistance to makeup downhole.
Base MaterialsComplex / Petroleum
Friction / Nut-Factor1.15 standard service (Relative to API RP 7G)
CertificationsEnvironmental Rating: UK CEFAS OCNS Group B
Not classified as a marine pollutant
Conforms to the API RP7G make-up charts
Service Rating0°F to 450°F-18°C to 232°C

JET-LUBE Extreme® Tool Joint & Drill Collar Compound

Offers the advantage of superior adhesion, improved extreme pressure and anti-wear properties, resistance to water wash-off, and superior rust and corrosion protection in the presence of invert or high-pH muds. The resistance also allows EXTREME to be used for up to 6 months connection storage. Its solids package is formulated to prevent excessive circumferential makeup by increasing the coefficient of friction under compressive forces. Tubing connections ideal – rotary shouldered.
For optimum performance on API drill string connections, JET-LUBE® EXTREME® should be utilized with the torque charts in API RP7G by multiplying the listed torque value by 1.15 or by contacting the drill pipe and connection manufacturer.
Friction factors for EXTREME were developed using full scale API tool Joint connections.
• Highly resistant to high pH drilling muds
• Brushable and stable over a wide temperature range
• Rust & corrosion inhibited
• Excellent resistance to make up downhole
• Sticks to wet joints
Base MaterialsComplex Soap / Petroleum
Friction / Nut-Factor1.15 (Relative to API RP 7G)
CertificationsEnvironmental Rating: UK CEFAS OCNS Group B
Not classified as a marine pollutant – DOT Approval CA2006100003
Conforms to the API RP7G make-up charts
Service Rating0°F to 450°F-18°C to 232°C

JET-LUBE SEAL-GUARD™ Premium Thread Compound

SEAL-GUARD is formulated using an advanced base grease and additive technology (CZ-EX PLUS) with enhanced high and low strength polymers and innovative solid lubricants. The result is superior lubrication under high loads with galling resistance equivalent to heavy metal based compounds in a totally metal free formulation. This cutting edge technology provides a high affinity to metal surfaces with a relatively low added solids content. This formula has a large percentage of submicron particles that create a film which gives consistent frictional performance without restricting proper engagement of the connection.
Recommended for use on premium mechanical seal an 8-round connection, flow lines, nuts, bolts, etc. Can be utilized on jacking systems.
• Advanced base grease and additive technology
• Enhanced high & low strength polymers
• High film strength protects against galling
• Small particle solids to accommodate premium connection design requirements
• Metal-free
• H₂S inhibitor
• Sticks to wet or oily threads
• Environmentally safe
Base MaterialsComplex / Petroleum
Friction / Nut-Factor1.0 (Relative to API MODIFIED)
CertificationsOspar Commission – Harmonized Offshore Chemical Notification Format (HOCNF) CLASSIFICATION: “Red” rating for Norway CLASSIFICATION: “D” for The United Kingdom and The Netherlands
Conforms to or exceeds the requirements for API RP5A3/ISO 13678 specification
Service Rating-20°F to 450°F
-29°C to 232°C

JET-LUBE WLD™ Wire Rope and Chain Lubricant w/ Moly & Graphite

Highly tenacious, adhesive lubricant containing both molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) and graphite. WLD is specially formulated for use on wire lines, cable and open roller chains. It penetrates the outer strands of wire rope and cable, displacing moisture, and permeating to the core of the rope or cable, lubricating and protecting each strand.
WLD may be used on crane and dragline hoist and draglines, elevator hoist lines, sprayed directly on sheaves, or winding drum faces, oilfield wire lines, offshore rig anchor cables, chain vises, corrosion barrier for iron surfaces, drilling lines, mast hoisting cables or any wire rope cable that operates at the extremes of operating speeds and loads in harsh environments.
WLD may also be used on open roller drive chains in both oilfield and industrial applications; on motorcycle or snowmobile drive chains; conveyor drive chains or any open roller chain.
WLD resists being thrown and dripping off the cable or rope even at the highest operating speeds. Because it is a “thin film” lubricant, constant replenishment of the lubricant is not required, thus reducing the cost of lubricant application.
• Penetrates
• Replaces moisture
• Lubricates
• Prevents rust/corrosion
• Will not throw or run off
• Does not attract dirt or dust
Base MaterialsOrgano Clay & Resins / Petroleum Oils
Service Rating35°F to 350°F
2°C to 175°C

JET-LUBE ALCO-EP-73 PLUS™ Extreme Pressure Multipurpose Grease

A premium, state-of-the-art, multipurpose aluminum complex grease containing a highly synergistic blend of rust and oxidation inhibitors plus extreme pressure and anti-wear additives for maximum performance characteristics. The non-plating, organic EP/anti-wear additives allow ALCO-EP-73 PLUS™ to be used where tolerances are low and/or speeds are high. ALCO-EP-73 PLUS also contains polymer additives; further enhancing the inherent water resistance of an aluminum-complex-based grease. It is extremely resistant to rust and corrosion and ideally suited for use in high-moisture areas, including subsea applications.
Specially formulated and developed for subsea or other conditions where extreme water resistance is necessary.
JET-LUBE’s highly-developed additive package makes ALCO-EP-73 PLUS the premier multipurpose grease for hostile environments.
Approved for use on squnch & RL-4 and other similar oilfield connections.
• High strength fluid film
• Extreme resistance to rust & corrosion
• Strong adhesion properties
• Pumpable
• Timken load – 45 lbs.
Base MaterialsAluminum Complex / Lubricating Oils
Service Rating-25°F to 450°F
-32°C to 232°C

JET-LUBE KORR-GUARD Thread Pipe Storage Compound

KORR-GUARD™ is a water displacing, specialized formula utilizing a unique approach to rust and corrosion resistance. Many of the corrosion resistant greases on the market are typically lithium, aluminum and anhydrous calcium and the resulting grease is treated with 2-5% rust inhibitor. The rust
inhibitor is oil soluble and surface active, wanting to wet out on the steel surface. Over a time, the oil separates and the low additive content depletes. KORR-GUARD actually complexes the rust inhibitor in high quantity as a component in the thickener. The thickener holds the rust inhibitor in place so additive depletion becomes a less significant factor in long term storage.
A protective grease-like coating to protect equipment and threaded pipe ends against rust and corrosion. On drill string connections, removing the thread protector will leave less than 5% storage compound on the connection. It is still a good practice to wipe off any heavy deposits prior to applying compound to as not to dilute the solid contents. Residual films do not have to be completely removed. There will not be a base grease compatibility issue under these circumstances, except clay-based greases.
• Water displacing
• Rust & corrosion resistant
• Surface active
• Semi-fluid for easy application
• Easily flows into the thread roots for displacing moisture
• Slightly over based to protect against acid fumes or oxidation
Base MaterialsComplex / Petroleum & Synthetic
Service Rating-20°F to 425°F
-29°C to 218°C

JET-LUBE NCS-30® ECF™ Nonmetallic Thread Compound

NCS-30® ECF™ is a premium quality, nonmetallic
compound containing chemically inert fibers and
These are blended into Jet-Lube’s biodegradable base grease, which gives a wide temperature range, superior adhesion to wet steel surfaces, resistance to water wash off and the ability to withstand invert and high-pH muds.
NCS-30 ECF is a premium quality, non-metallic compound containing chemically inert fibers, and extreme pressure and anti-wear additives. These are blended into Jet-Lube’s biodegradable base grease, which gives a wide temperature range, superior adhesion to wet steel surfaces, resistance to water wash off and the ability to withstand invert and high-pH muds. Ideal tubing connections – rotary shouldered, double shouldered and premium.
• Biodegradable, non-bio accumulative & non-toxic
• Contains no metals
• Excellent performance on high-chrome or nickel alloys
• Excellent protection against seizing & galling
• Sticks to wet joints
• Consistent rig floor make-up
• Non-conductive for MWD applications
• Provides maximum protection on wedge thread drill string connection designs
Base MaterialsComplex Thickeners / Synthetic & Vegetable Oils
Friction / Nut-FactorRelative to API RP 7G 1.0 (Normal), 1.1 (severe) (drill strings)
CertificationsNSF-61 Certified
Environmental Rating: UK CEFAS OCNS Group E
Service Rating-10°F to 500°F
-23°C to 260°C


JET-LUBE® JACKING SYSTEM GREASE ECF™ is safe to use in offshore applications since it is metal free and is formulated to conform to the strict North Sea Environmental Guidelines. It utilizes a water-resistant, calcium thickener that is enhanced to improve adhesion and provide greater protection against water wash off, wear, and corrosion.
JET LUBE JACKING SYSTEM GREASE ECF contains specially selected solid bounding lubricants to provide outstanding galling resistance and lubrication
properties. The solid boundary additives synergistically combine to produce a superior lubricating film with high-load and low-wear characteristics. The base oil blend of this product is of lower viscosity than most multipurpose greases allowing it greater potential for biodegradation and contains additional anti-wear, antirust, and antioxidant additives
Designed to lubricate a wide array of heavily loaded gear applications. It can also be used on slides, jacking systems, cantilever type rigs and assemblies, nuts, bolts, and a wide range of other applications making JACKING GREASE ECF a nearly universal product.
• Excellent environmental properties
• High load resistant
• Water & corrosion resistant
• Non-metallic
• Safe for offshore personnel
• Biodegradable, non-bioaccumulative
• Outstanding film strength
• Easy to apply
Base MaterialsCalcium Sulfonate
CertificationsOSPAR Commission – HOCNF (Harmonizes Offshore Chemical Notification Point)
Classification – Yellow Rating for Norway (Yellow) E for the United Kingdom (E) Denmark PR-nr- 2180210
Service Rating-10°F to 450°F
-23°C to 232°C


A low-friction, anti-seize lubricant manufactured from a combination of micro-size copper flakes and graphite dispersed in a water-resistant grease and fortified with antioxidants, plus rust and corrosion inhibitors.
KOPR-KOTE provides a shield against metal-to-metal contact, preventing seizure and corrosion. It fills irregularities and imperfections and resists welding, hardening, or setting.
KOPR-KOTE provides low friction and cushions impact and shock loads. Low shear between particles reduces stick-slip, allowing quick disassembly with minimum wrench torque. It will not squeeze out of the threads, gum up, or wash off.
KOPR-KOTE® is ideal for use on threaded connections, pump housings, flanges, studs, exhaust manifold bolts, compressor heads, autoclaves, lathe centers, etc.
• Lowers friction
• Not affected by contraction, expansion, or vibration
• Reduces wrench torque
• Will not run, drip, or settle out
• Permits reuse of fittings; saves stud, bolt, and nut replacement
• Contains no lead or zinc
• Available in convenient aerosol form (Aerosol not NSF H2)
Base MaterialsComplex / Petroleum
Friction / Nut-Factor(Nut-Factor) – 0.15 – 1” B7 Studs @ 80,000 psi Contact Stress
Base Materials Complex / Petroleum
Friction / Nut-Factor (Nut-Factor) – 0.15 – 1” B7 Studs @ 80,000 psi Contact Stress
Certifications Not classified as a marine pollutant – DOT Approval CA2004080025
NSF Registered H2 (No. 120923)*
Conforms to MIL-PRF-907F
Conforms to RAYTHEON spec M8656839 Type II
Service Rating -65° to 1800°F
-54°C to 982°C
Service Rating-65° to 1800°F
-54°C to 982°C

JET-LUBE JET-LOK® III Threadlocker / Two-Part Epoxy

JET-LOK III is a two-part, ZINC-FREE epoxy with largely non-metallic fillers that can be used to permanently lock threaded connections under normal operating conditions. Both the handy-pak and kit use a new catalyst for added pot life and durability with lower toxicity and less heat generation making it the optimum choice for any application. It is designed for use on all threaded joints or fasteners where an exceptionally strong and durable bond is required. It is especially useful on drilling tools, casing, and other tubulars where the effective prevention of joint loosening is required.
JET-LOK III is recommended for use on casing, shoes, couplings, and collars; eliminating the need for gas/arc welding. Threadlock Handy-Pak and Kit offer a distinct advantage over welding in that threaded connections may be broken out by heating to 550°F (288°C). This product is also excellent for any application requiring a strong, permanent bond that has high vibration resistance. Being free of zinc enhances its durability in wet services.
• Complete handy-pak or kit
• Added Pot Life and Durability with Lower Toxicity and Less Heat Generation
• Noncorrosive
• Economical
• Adheres to any clean surface
• Good for service up to 400°F (204°C)
• Ease of application
• Prevents back-off
• esistant to acids, solvents, & water
• One Jet-Lube Jet-Lok III handy-pak will coat one 13-3/8 connection with almost zero waste
Friction / Nut-FactorFriction Factor – Rotary Shouldered Connections 0.9 – 1.0 *Noninterference (T&C) 1.3 – 2.0
Service RatingTemperature Stability 400°F (204°C)