AquaTerra has established a legacy in hose development, assembly and manufacturing. Our in-house brand Aquaflex™ exhibits a whole gamut of low-pressure hoses for various applications, and carries with it the same trusted and professional reputation that AquaTerra embodies. We ensure that every hose supplied to our customer has attained the highest level of quality and product reliability. Each hose is specially designed and developed before it is tested and certified.

Changes in business strategy have influenced the company to set up a full-fledged, dedicated Offshore and Industrial Hose Division to concentrate and build on our own ability and expertise to design, develop, produce, test, certify and market our own range of hoses and fittings. These changes also brought about the optimization of production technology to maximize product quality.

With more than 30 years of experience and expertise in the supply and assembly of hose systems, coupled with our production, testing and warehouse facilities, a qualified team of marketing and sales engineers, QA/QC engineer, production specialists and technicians, we are confident to meet the demands of our valued customers.


In our range of Aquaflex™ hoses, 2 of our products (Rotary Vibrator & Drilling Hose and Cementing Hoses) have been API-7K certified. These hoses are made using only the best materials.

With Aquaflex™, you’ll get the finest and most reliable hoses out there.

    API 7K – High Pressure Hose Grade D & E
    API 7K – Cementing Hose 5K & 10K & 15K PSI
    Mining – Bulk Commodity Hoses
    Offshore Series – Industrial Hose